The security of customer data in the online store is ensured by an SSL certificate for secure connection. Using an SSL certificate, the information sent between the visitor's browser and the server is encrypted. SSL data coding is a technology to ensure the security of data exchange between the server and the Internet browser, which is necessary for electronic stores. Thanks to SSL, data cannot be read or changed by third parties while traveling between the client's computer and the server. does not collect connection data to payment systems. Buyers of the online store enter their data for connecting to electronic banking or electronic payment systems on the banks' own pages, so this information is not available to


Respecting your privacy, we do not collect data that would be used for anything other than providing quality services and convenient browsing in our online store. All data provided by you is processed and stored in accordance with the requirements set out in the Personal Data Protection Law of the Republic of Lithuania and other legal acts regulating the protection of personal data in the Republic of Lithuania, applying the necessary organizational and technical measures to protect your data from accidental or illegal disclosure, destruction, alteration, or illegal processing. All information is encrypted both during transmission and storage.

The team is familiar with the personal data protection requirements and ensures compliance with the established organizational measures regarding data processing. Only persons authorized by, who are responsible for technical, commercial and content editorial supervision of the website, have access to the data. We recommend creating a secure password that you will use on You are responsible for the confidentiality of your password and must not disclose or share it with third parties.

What information do we collect about you? How do we use your information?

This privacy policy describes the purposes for which your personal data is processed as a customer of, which categories of personal data are processed and the legal grounds for such processing are presented. By using the electronic store, by specifying your personal data, you agree that will process them in order to carry out electronic trade, as well as to provide you with information about the products of available brands, including sending commercial messages by e-mail or by other means of electronic communication (SMS messages) or by telephone.

Purpose of data processing

Personal data

Storage period (after this period, the data will be deleted in such a way that it cannot be reproduced)

Basis of handling

Electronic commerce


Name, surname, phone number no., e-mail post office, residential address, delivery address, billing account.

When purchasing goods for an unregistered person - 3 years from the date of data collection. Registered member data is stored for 3 years from the last active action. An active action is: logging into your account or opening the newsletter, if the person has expressed consent to receive the newsletter.


Direct marketing (sending newsletters/SMS)

Name, surname, phone number no., e-mail postal address, residential address, gender.

3 years from the last active action. An active action is: logging into your account or opening a newsletter.


Customer service

Name, surname, e-mail mail or phone No.

30 days after receiving the data

Consent, legitimate interest

Who do we disclose your information to? may transfer personal data to the following entities:

Your rights

You can exercise your rights directly by contacting us by email:

We may ask you to provide a personal identification document that allows you to be properly identified. After confirming the identity, the information will be provided to you within 30 calendar days from the date of submission of the written request.

Data protection of minors electronic store can be used by persons older than 16 years. Individuals who are under the age of 16 should not submit their personal data without the consent of their parents or guardians.

If you are a parent or guardian, and you find out that your minor child, under the age of 16, is using the online store, and you do not want it, inform us by e-mail and we will remove all related data as soon as possible.


What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files that contain information about your browsing on the website, which the website places on your computer, phone or other device. Cookies make browsing more convenient for the user, make browsing easier. Cookies do not harm your computer.

What are cookies used for?

Cookies are necessary for the operation of the online store. Their main goal is to improve your browsing experience. For example, we use them to remember your language, country, etc. settings while you are in the online store, as well as during other visits. Thanks to the information collected by cookies, it is possible to improve the website by predicting the number of visiting customers, their usage patterns, the suitability of the website for the specific interests of visitors, and faster search.

Who uses information stored in cookies?

The cookie information of our online store is used by us, with the exception of "third-party cookies", which are used and managed by external entities that provide services at our request, related to improving our services and facilitating browsing for the user. "Third-party cookies" are used to obtain statistical information about visits to the store, ensuring the execution of payment transactions.

How to manage or delete cookies?

You can choose whether to accept cookies or not. If you decide to refuse cookies, you may be restricted from using all the functions of the website. You can disable cookies by changing your browser settings so that cookies from our website are not installed on your computer or other device. To do this, follow the instructions of your browser.

Where to apply for infringement of rights

If you believe that your rights related to the processing and storage of personal data have been violated, contact us by e-mail and we will try to solve the problems as soon as possible. You can also submit a complaint to the State Data Protection Inspectorate at the following address: A. Juozapavičiaus str. 6, 09310 Vilnius, tel. (8 5) 271 2804, 279 1445, fax. (8 5) 261 9494, e-mail

How the privacy policy changes

The privacy policy is reviewed and updated after changes in the legal acts that regulate the processing of personal data and the use of information and communication technologies. Additions or changes to the privacy policy are published at: and take effect from their publication, i.e. from the day they are placed on We recommend periodically visiting and familiarizing yourself with the latest version of this privacy policy. The privacy policy of was last updated on 10/10/2018.