• Slippy wetsuit lubricant

Slippy is a powder concentrate for making wetsuit lubricant – with no smell and no irritation to the skin!

It is very easy to prepare and extremely cost effective. 

The Slippy wetsuit lube is ideal for travel and is easy to store with your diving gear.

The Slippy lubricant prevents microbial infections and microbial growth.

Slippy is a powder concentrate for making wetsuit lubricant. 

The 150g container can be used to make 16L of lubricant, enough for 50 dives.


Fill a 2 litre plastic water bottle with 1 litre of clean water and add 2 teaspoons of Slippy powder or 9 grams if you have a scale that can measure that.  Shake for about 30 seconds until water starts to appear viscous.  It is now ready to use.  But if you need less, use less, if you need more, use more.  It is versatile in the way that the user decides the lubrication they need.

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Slippy wetsuit lubricant

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